Boardgaming in Glasgow

I left my harp in Sam Spams disco

A fun evenings gaming with Kreta as the highlight.

This has become a firm favourite among the gaming cognoscenti of Primordial Group. We Kretites feel a justifiable superiority over those plebeians who deny it's clever charm and wet, supple curves. True there's nothing particularly new in its mechanics but everything gels and provides for a very tense yet pleasurable experience.
In Kreta you're trying to score points by controlling areas of land. This is accomplished by choosing a worker card each round and performing the associated action. The action could allow ship movement/placement (Admiral card) for example or initiate scoring. I particularly enjoy how the game forces you to make tough decisions each turn: do you cut your losses in one area to invest in scoring heavily in another? Do you try to peg back the leader or leave that to another player?

In our game I tried to keep in contention while not gaining a clear lead. If it looked like I might become the leader I played pieces into strong board positions that were not showing yet as scoring in effect reducing my current scoring position for advantage later in the game. I'm not sure if anyone noticed lol. As the game came to a close I was identified as the clear leader and players joined together to peg me back. It was a very tense last few turns and I just managed to hold on to the lead by a point.

As we waited for the other table to finish Clans hit the table.
So I did pretty badly. I couldn't seem to get my coloured huts into effective scoring positions without another player giving me a shafting. While I lost I enjoyed the banter and would play again any time. However I prefer the more cut-throat nature of Heimlich and Co (Undercover) for this style of hidden information game.

Royal Turf (Winners Circle)
I was very excited to see this hit the table as its a firm favourite.
I was very successful in the first race but couldn't quite manage to keep up the momentum for two and three. I can't recall the final scores but it was great fun and not overly long.

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  • Ian

    6/11/2015 1:31:07 PM |

    Can't remember the scoring eh? A likely tale .... you spent much of the race trying to convince us that Red Nougat was the horse to back, whilst yourself favouring Albino Othello - or whatever his name was - Andy spent much of the game suffering the kind of colour blind brain fart which saw him advancing the wrong horses each turn, I played the kind of game which saw me whip your arse's good and proper.

    ps - I did spy your Kreta activity, which is precisely why I took such offence at your "come on take one for the team and score this one before Ian/David/Julia (delete as applicable) get too much of a lead" antics!

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