Boardgaming in Glasgow

Anyone Selling Pasties?

February Kicked off with a "relaxing" sunday session. Messrs Hanley, Gilmour, Smith & Smith opting to partake in a last minute jam.

Tinners Trail was given it's first group outing and - despite the usual Wallace Rules Confusion - it turned out to be another belter. Immediately jumping into the Steel Driver territory for yours truly. There is really nothing to match the kind of aggression and mind bending decision making that are thrown up in such a short space of time. The game was over in 70 minutes and was filled with the kind of decisions that you spend hours reconsidering after the game ends. Ivan won out 102, to my own 100, Julia's 99 and Roberts 73. Each of us, after the fact able to see just where we could have won the game, and how those marginal decisions to spend £1 here or sell a pastie there might actually have contributed to our success or failure. I will post a full game review on the Reviews section shortly.

After TT, we pulled out Augsburg for a second round in as many days, alas my opponents paid very close attention to my strategy tips on how/when to buy churches and I lost out being the only player unable to activate mine in time. Ivan won again with Robert close behind.

For Sale was next, We Played, I Won, They Lost

After Pizza, we wanted something light and went for Puerto Rico. Another Corker, Ivan and I desperately tried to manipulate proceedings, Ivan succeeded where I didnt and pulled a mightily impressive points haul of 48, to my own 42, Roberts 39 and Julia's 32.

Last Game - Witch's Brew and despite previous reservations, it played quickly and was quite a lot of fun. Robert redeemed himself and won out over Julia by 2 points, Ivan and I jointly brought up the rear with a pitiful 13.

So February kicks off with Ivan in the driving seat!