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1800 Reasons Why Nick is a Cock!

1800 Reasons Why Nick is a Cock!

We all know that Nick is a Cock but I have recently decided that one event stands out above all, as evidence of his Cock stature. To many of you, it would seem an innocuous incident, one hardly worth mentioning but I can assure you that one simple sentence, uttered in around October 2009, has generated more tension headaches than any other I have ever witnessed.
What was that sentence I hear you ask

I think it went something like this .... "Hey, do you think it'a about time we played an 18xx clone?"

Why did I say yes? Why did I encourage him? We were all relatively happy back then, we had our Puerto Ricos, our Steams, our Power Grids, did we really need a new obsession?

Well it all started to go down hill about a month later, Nick turned up at our Flat with his brand new 18FL - apparently one of the easier games to get your head around. A 4 player game set in Florida, it follows a fairly generic 18xx model but is less punishing in the operations round and less demanding in the dividends - "a fairly good place to start" they say!

Well in classic Primordial Group fashion, this 3 hour game took the best part of 5 hours to play. It was tight it was tense and it was mathematically exhausting - I won, which helped with the pain of being main calculator. It didn't immediately grab me as the greatest gaming concept - but it niggled at me for a few weeks, until we were able to play again. We played 3 more games in the ensuing 5 or 6 months, David and I claimed the Victories and along the way, many good natured arguments broke out as players argued about Share Manipulation and Operation Values, we experienced one classic disaster in our final game, when the bank, the winnings and the player cash got mixed up - We will never truly know whether Nick pipped Andy into second ... we think he did but don't tell Andy I said so.

18xx then took a bit of a back seat as we couldn't organise many weekend sessions with Nick and as he was the only member with the game, we all began to forget about the concept - that was until Essen 2010

On the Saturday at Essen five of us found ourselves playing Poseidon the new 18xx clone from the makes of the classic Australia and China versions. We were all sucked in very quickly and three copies of this were brought home, along with a copy of Baltimore and Ohio which had been requested by David.

Poseidon saw one outing shortly after Essen which passed without much comment, everyone seemed to like it but no-one was truly gushing.

Then at Christmas I was bought both a copy of Poseiden and a copy of B&O by my brother, he had seen by Geek Wishlist and acted accordingly.

A few weeks later B&O hit the table on a Saturday Night, We loved it david won it, so much so we played two more sessions on the following wednesday - David won another along with Stephen. The hook was starting to take hold.

A weekend Poseidon followed and then another ... Stephen bought 1860, I grabbed a Steam over Holland and then David reminded us all that he had previously bought 1853.

Last night - we roped Christina into our sad band with another brutal and brilliant B&O and to make matters worse ...

.... Tomorrow - David, Stephen, Bez and I will all be taking a day off work - a day in which we plan to spend 7 hours cultivating migraines and anger at each other, a day which will end with one player happy and three absolutely gutted and worst of all, a day which will end with at least three of us checking our diaries to establish when we can find the time to play 1860.

For those interested in becoming a part of the afflicted group, I suggest you have a look at Lonny Orgler's website wherein you can order the aforementioned Australia and China (7 player) versions for a mere ?39

A final word goes to Nick - You Cock, I was quite happy before you made me play 18FL and I now I have a problem and I'm not sure I'm managing it.

Anyone fancy trying 2038? It has asteroids you know!