Boardgaming in Glasgow

BSG - how Doug was Andys toy

First of all, I have to say that trying to table Battlestar Gallactica on a Wednesday night was probably not the brightest idea. The game ended up around 1am, after we rushed through the last 40 min or so.

The game design is quite clever. There are various different roles to take on board Galactica, all inspired by the characters from the tv-series. Then one person needs to be the president and one Admiral, both giving extra powers. Then all charachters draw a role - in the pack there are 10 humans and 2 cylons. These are redrawn halfway through the game, with the exception that cylons overrule humans (so if you get one of each you are a cylon). So in the first half of the game there are 0-2 cylons, in the second half 1-2 (if one person should draw 2 cylon cards).

I think the humans might be able to win this game if there are 0 cylons in the first half. We had 2.

Attending this game was Andy, Nick, Brian, Doug, Mads T and myself.

In the first round of playing, I had a read on Nick, and so I played a card allowing me to see his role - he was a Cylon (as expected) and I immediately announced this to the group, and obviously Nick vehemently denied this. We then went through several rounds of combat making it ever more unlikely that we should ever make it to earth without some sort of miracle.
Then Mads T decided to also play the "view role" card, looked at Nicks card, and announced him to be a Cylon as well.

Now, this should be pretty clear cut now, Nick is obviously a Cylon.

But now we are exactly half-way through the game, and veryone draws roles again. This could mean that while Nick was definitely still a cylon, now anyone else could also be.
Still, at this point its by any standards wise to put Nick in the brig, and be sure one of the cylons is put away.
But for some unknown reason, Doug, who was now both president and admiral, and Brian, decided to believe Nicks very far fetched stories, and Andys even worse "logical" deductions, and both Mads T and I ended up in the brig, while Nick and Andy could create havoc on our beloved battleship. (yes, the lack of logic Andys arguments showed me very clearly that he was a cylon - what I didn't know at this point was that he had been all along).

As expected, the Cylons managed to win this game quite comfortably, in what was a very funny and intriguing game night, and the latest Wednesday finish for me so far.
The only discussion point that remained afterwards, was how Mads T and I ended up in the brig, when clearly we could never both be Cylons.

Well played by our cylon twins Andy and Nick, but something clearly went wrong in the way we humans managed the game.

Thank you all for a great night of talking, and a game that was way more fun than it looked like originally.

Note to self: If Andy doesn't want to be a clear cylon in the brig, take a look at his role card(s)