Boardgaming in Glasgow

I'm The Boss .... No I Think You'll Find That I'm The Boss!

It was like playing games around at Stanley Kubriks house on Wednesday and everybody was Tony Curtis! That's a Spartacus reference for any idiot's in the group!
I'm the Boss finally made it to the table after years of whispered threats and reminiscences of it's brilliance .... all I can say is I'm glad it finally made it out, what an absolute stonker of a game. A brilliantly cunning market manipulation game - and a fabulous gateway game for beginners and those less experienced in the ways of screwage.

As usual we managed to trawl the games twisted hidden depths until by the second game, it was starting to play more like Junta, players were being rewarded just for not being dicks, deals were being withdrawn by frustrated bosses, I even withdrew a deal simply because someone spoke to me whilst I was proposing the split of cash.

As far as game play goes, theres nothing to it ... move around the board and on your turn, either supplement your hand with cards that will help you screw with other players and defend your own position or try and make a deal.

With the former, you can pull further shareholder cards, either minor ones from other families or additional ones from your own family, you can also obtain Holiday Cards, Stop Cards or Boss Cards.

If you opt for the latter (A Deal) expect a rabble of counter offers and negotiation as your opponents try and wreck your deal or under cut each other to buy a piece of the action. If you are particularly unlucky, you might find yourself having the deal stolen from under your feet by another player claiming "I'm the Boss". This happened to John rather amusingly after he had spent a good ten minutes negotiating a tough deal, he sat back proclaimed the deal was done and waited for the requisite few seconds to pass ..... "You know what" said David ... "I think I'm the Boss" - We all pissed ourselves.

Other highlights of the games being when Owen saddled with a pile of Holiday Cards attempted to send my "Boss" on holiday - it went something like this.

Owen "Sorry Ian, You're on Holiday"

Ian "That's Okay, His Sister will take over"

Owen (Playing Holiday card 2" "She's on Holiday Too"

Ian "I have his Cousin"

Owen "Holiday"

Ian "Half Brother"

Owen "Holiday"

Ian "Second Cousin"

Owen "Holiday"

Ian "Third Cousin Twice Removed"

Owen "Shit"

He didnt really swear but he would have had his Dad not ben sitting next to him!

A Brilliant Game and one that needs much much more table time!