Boardgaming in Glasgow

Woohoo - Finally!

It's only taken eight attempts!
Tonight at 10.50pm - I finally did it.

Ian - 453

David - 320

Naoki - 306

Julia - 221

Florent - 179

It was a hard fought contest, but 5 election wins on the night won out, on David's own best haul of 3 election wins and Naoki's 2. I know that makes 10 but there is that little thing called Coalition!

There were the usual moments of despair and frustration, Election wins with no media control, David rolling 3 0's when he opted to cash his £50,000 donation for membership combined with much Public Opinion Abuse resulted in the usual level of head scratching, head shaking and head thumping activity.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to such an enjoyable experience, I now feel complete ... well in a gaming sense at least!